Runtime: 8 minutes

Directed by: Gonzalo San Vicente


Little Ami finds out her mother must leave on a business trip. Mom tells her a white lie to appease her mind while she is away. Find out what happens when the innocent lie turns true in a way neither of them expected.




Runtime: 3 minutes

Directed by: Niels De Vries

Hong Kong

Bulb is Radicle Animation's first in-house produced short animated film. It tells the funny and yet intriguing story of Doctor Ed, the inventor of the first ever time travel machine. But when Dr. Ed sends his loyal assistant Looee away through time and space, Looee doesn't return as happy as he left off. This triggers Looee to accidentally destroy a crucial part of Dr. Ed's machine. Which, on his turn, he needs to replace.

1 in 12



Runtime: 5 minutes

Directed by: Zavier Williams


1 in 12 is a short documentary, that focuses on Rajah, a transgender women of African-Latina descent and the peril she faces on a daily basis.

Reinvention of Normal



Runtime: 7 minutes

Directed by: Liam Saint-Pierre


“Go straight off the wall” said his dad and Dominic does just that. The film follows Dominic Wilcox, an artist / inventor / designer, on his quest for new ideas…. Taking the normal and turning it into something unique.


Short Film


Runtime: 3 minutes

Directed by: Yuki Tokunaga


A poetic visual experience revolving around different stories of members in a cult.

Unlikely Temptations

Short Film


Runtime: 9 minutes

Directed by: Cory Reeder


After thirty-nine days and nights wandering the desert, Jesus suffers the ungodly challenge of the Devil's most bizarre and tantalizing temptations.

Our Last Stand


Runtime: 58 minutes

Directed by: Jordan Allot


In Our Last Stand, Helma, an Assyrian-American schoolteacher from New York, spends her summer vacation traveling to Iraq and Syria to help raise awareness about the plight of the Christian communities threatened by civil war and ISIS.  Helma’s journey takes her from refugee camps struggling to care for Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Christians who have fled ISIS in Northern Iraq, to the small militias helping to defend and retake villages from ISIS in the Nineveh Plains and Hasakah, Syria to Helma’s family’s hometown of Qamishli in Northern Syria.

A Special Guest

Short Film


Runtime: 19 minutes

Directed by: Kae Bahar


Long held memories of grief and the ramifications of war collide when 10-year-old refugee Ako is persuaded to spend an afternoon with elderly English neighbours.

The Neighbor

Short Film


Runtime: 12 minutes

Directed by: Lucas Vasconcelos


Paul (Camilo Rabelo), a typical French teenager, and Louis (Franco Alencastro), his best friend, have the habit of spying their neighbor. They just don't realize that they would see more than a naked neighbor.

Rocket Man

Short Film


Runtime: 15 minutes

Directed by: Jamison LoCascio


Keith, a young man with Asperger's Syndrome, obsessively builds a time machine wishing he can take back a mistake he made in the past that forced him off of the high school baseball team forever. Though Keith's time machine is made of little more than cardboard and scraps, his family helps to make his dream of a redemptive time travel expedition a reality.

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