Dark Town

Short Film


Runtime: 8 minutes

Directed by: Asad K.M.


A thief on the run from drug dealers finds his escape in the form of a kooky taxi driver.

Across Lines

Short Film


Runtime: 30 minutes

Directed by: Marcus Robinson


When two estranged foster brother’s cross paths in a chance encounter. Long held guilt and resentment come bubbling to the surface of their very different lives.

Jackie Boy

Short Film


Runtime: 21 minutes

Directed by: Musashi Alexander


In a world morally bankrupt by social media, Jackie Boy doesn't belong. He lurks in the shadows seeking vengeance on the selfie generation. When the current superstar of social media goes after Angie--his love interest--the ultimate confrontation ensues. Then we learn the truth about our hero.


Short Film


Runtime: 17 minutes

Directed by: Juanan Martinez


Libby, a nine-year-old girl, has recurring nightmares. Trying to help her out, give her Nicholas, a new friend who will be the trigger of an unexpected end.

Here and There

Feature Film


Runtime: 1hr 43min

Directed by: Gabriel Paez & Isabel Rodas


Twenty-two-year-old Ismael, only thinks about traveling to U.S.A. He grows up under the love and care of his grandmother Mariana, midwife and ancestral healer, after his parents migrated from Ecuador. After agreeing on a price and date for traveling, Luz, his best friend, comes back after eight years of living abroad, turning into the force that fills Ismael with doubts about his situation. The two friends travel to the depths of their province. Along the way, they'll meet various characters, stories and legends that will put in front of Ismael what he fears the most: his fate.

The Universe in Us

Short Film


Runtime: 29 minutes

Directed by: Lisa Krane


A strange biological malformation is detected inside the body of young dancer Li – a second, fully developed heart has grown in her chest. Doctors are mystified. Their search for possible causes remains inconclusive. While specialists encroach upon her body trying to examine the smallest molecule, Li refuses to see her condition as a “defect”.

Any Day Now

Short Film


Runtime: 19 minutes

Directed by: Albert Uria


“Any day now”. A short, sweet comedy about how short (and sweet) life can be...

The Weight

Short Film


Runtime: 28 minutes

Directed by: Holly Wilder


Shot amidst the raw beauty of Acadia National Park, five lives interweave through dance in a jubilant quest for love and identity. Emotional heaviness is passed from person to person, pushing each one to face transformation.


Short Film


Runtime: 14 minutes

Directed by: Jesse Richton


Man with tourettes tries to overcome his issues and get a real life.

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